Reiki is an ancient form of healing which involves laying on of hands. My clients lay on a table fully clothed then I call in Reiki Energy. I am highly empathic which helps me connect with my clients. When the body becomes relaxed its natural healing abilities kick in. I am intuitively guided through each session, and each session varies from person to person. Some people see images or colors. Some people get emotional as old trauma moves out. My goal is to bring you healing in a beautiful, safe, and loving environment with lasting results.

The Benefits of Reiki : Reduces stress, promotes physical healing, pain management, spiritual growth, dissolves energy blocks, clears the mind and helps you feel grounded, promotes better sleep, improves your immune system and self healing abilities, releases old emotional stories and past life trauma.

1st time Reiki client $85.00 (whether you are new to reiki or just new to me)

Reiki session $125.00  for 50-60 minutes

Gloss Beauty 1127 Magnolia Avenue  Larkspur, California 94939 You can reach Meagan at (818)636-3801.