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I struggle to find a label to call myself because what I do can not translate into one or two words, other than the word Healer. I used to refer to myself as a Reiki Master which only encompasses a part of what I do. Some people call it Shamanic Reiki, some might call it psychic reading, some might call me a medium. Maybe I am a little of everything.

What I can tell you is whatever needs to be healed will be addressed. It is such a beautiful thing to just trust in something bigger than us both to guide the way. I say us because I believe healing is a like a conversation. I will find what needs to be healed and we will do it together. Healing is empowering! If you show up with a willingness and an open heart and mind we can create shifts, healing and balance.

I believe from the deepest part of my heart that healing yourself heals your family, community, and inevitably helps heal our planet.

Every soul is welcome.

The Benefits : Reduces stress, promotes physical healing, pain management, spiritual growth, dissolves energy blocks, clears the mind and helps you feel grounded, promotes better sleep, improves your immune system and self healing abilities, releases old emotional stories and past life trauma.

  • In Person Energy Healing Session- 60 min. $133

  • In Person Extended Healing session- 90 min. $188

  • In Person Energy Healing Package of 3- $333 ( $66 savings)

  • In Person Energy Healing Package of 5-$555 ($110 savings)

    For Virtual Sessions, schedule by email at wildflowersatmidnight@gmail.com or text (818)636-3801

  • Virtual Session- 60 min. $111

  • Virtual session package of 3- $288 ($45 savings)

  • Virtual Session package of 5- $444 (buy 4 get 1 free)

I also offer 3 month transformational healing packages which include hands on healing and zoom calls for people interested in doing deeper work, upon request.

Gloss Beauty 1127 Magnolia Avenue  Larkspur, California 94939 You can reach Meagan at (818)636-3801.